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The Benefits if Being a Flight Attendant

Being comfortable on a plane no matter how long the journey takes, is the job of a flight attendant. Guests on a plane might get thirsty and need something to stay hydrated. This is where flight attendants come in, they serve drinks along with little snacks on short journeys. During longer flights, light food is served to keep the guests refreshed for the ongoing journey. Questions are also directed at flight attendants, their duty is likened to that of the customer care service. Emergency periods where an accident is primed to occur, these people ensure that guests are assured of safety. Another name with which they are referred to is stewardess or steward for female and male respectively.

The priority of flight attendants is

The priority of flight attendants is safety, most times a safety check is rendered to enable a good flight. While walking in, passengers find it difficult to locate the assigned seats, but a flight attendant is there to kindly show each confused passenger. In other cases where a passenger needs a person to discuss with, a steward puts on a smiling face while communicating. A good steward should be friendly to all passengers, treat each person nicely regardless of age, marital status, race including other factors that are not essential.

The Benefits if Being a Flight Attendant

Stewardess should appear in a formal manner by tucking in their shirts in a skirt that must not be too short. The hairstyle to be carried must be decent enough with light makeup to complement the face. Stewardess must appear on uniforms which are neat, decent and presentable. For a steward, almost the same rules as the stewardess applies, a good haircut plus a neat uniform to go with the smiling face while communicating with passengers. These sets of people work really hard as they are constantly moving about, rewards are usually offered to them.

As a steward, a big benefit of doing this job is flying for free with family members sometimes. This includes all the visits to new places while hosting passengers. It enables them to explore new places only a few people worldwide can ever do. Discounts offered are usually on an airfare that covers family trips along with a spouse. These deals are enticing and make the job more fun than normal office jobs. Flight attendants are just like children going to college, they are given money for food plus other expenses that might arise amidst the entire journey. The money offered is based on how many hours the flight takes.

A great part covered by airlines for flight attendants is the health sector. A health insurance scheme for stewards assures them of good treatment even in an entirely different country or continent in an emergency case. All these are just a few rewards, but the greatest is the retirement plan popularly referred to as the 401k plan that gives a huge amount of compensation after retirement. Anyone who enjoys visiting new places, exploring, meeting new people, talking would enjoy the job of a flight attendant and perform greatly especially with these bonus offers that are enticing.

Wynona Williamson